Solar panels installed on the roof of an Amazon facility in Virginia

Sustainability by the numbers

See how Amazon is working toward a sustainable future.
on April 18, 2018
In preparation for Earth Day, we’ve gathered some facts and figures that we’re proud of as we work to build a sustainable future.
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    Sustainability Question Bank
    We provide answers to your most frequent questions about Amazon’s commitment to sustainability.
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    We're supporting 16 national and international sustainability partnerships and initiatives.
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    Solar systems
    © Amazon, All Rights Reserved.
    We have a goal to install solar systems on 50 fulfillment facility rooftops worldwide by 2020.
  • 55%
    Green commuters
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    Photo by JORDAN STEAD
    More than 55% of Amazonians in Seattle commute to work without a car.
  • 110
    Wind turbines
    Texas wind farm
    Photo by JORDAN STEAD
    Our wind farm in Texas has 110 wind turbines, our largest wind farm to date.
  • 11,700
    Solar panels
    Solar panel installation at Amazon
    Our fulfillment center in Tracy, California has 11,700 solar panels – part of our commitment to installing 50 solar rooftops globally by 2020.
  • 20,000
    Employee packaging suggestions
    Over a three-month period, more than 20,000 Amazonians working at our fulfillment centers across North America helped us improve packaging by using our packaging feedback button.
  • 25,000
    © JORDAN STEAD / Amazon, All Rights Reserved.
    Photo by JORDAN STEAD
    More than 25,000 plants have been woven into our living wall in The Spheres – a lush garden of biodiversity in downtown Seattle, where we’re helping conserve several species of endangered plants.
  • 80 million
    Kilowatt hours
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    Photo by JORDAN STEAD
    Over a 25-year period, our district energy heat recycling project in Seattle will save 80 million kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • 500 million
    Boxes avoided
    Over the past 10 years, our Frustration-Free Packaging programs have eliminated 244,000 tons of packaging materials, avoiding 500 million shipping boxes.
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