Amazonian Ardine Williams vice president of people operations speaks with students studying STEM education.
Photo by Douglas Jacobs

Learning about computer science

Amazon leaders share tips for students working towards a career in science, technology, engineering, and math.
on March 08, 2019
In addition to hosting more than 80 events for International Women's Day, several of our leaders are visiting Amazon Future Engineer-funded high school computer science classrooms. These leaders are meeting with high school students and teachers to talk about the importance of gender equality and how everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a career in computer science and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). We realize there is still a lot of opportunity ahead for our diversity and inclusion efforts and that we need diverse perspectives to best innovate on behalf of our customers.

See advice they have for the next generation of creators, below.
  1. Be boldly curious

    If you don’t know what something means, ask. Or better yet, dig in and learn enough about it to explain it to someone else.

    Struggling with something in math or science that just isn’t clicking? Spend time with someone who has mastered the challenge and be bold enough to ask for help. Everyone starts at the beginning—but not every path to mastery is the same.
    – Ardine Williams, vice president of people operations
  2. Network, network, network

    One of the best ways to learn about what a STEM career is really like is to talk to people that are currently in those roles. Professional networks, career fairs, and on campus company presentations are all great ways to meet people in STEM careers. You may be surprised by the different paths that you can take with a STEM degree.
    – Terri Creech, senior product manager at Amazon Robotics
  3. Write down your ideas

    You may have your best ideas when you’re in high school. I’ve started a journal of product and business ideas. Once, I tried writing down five ideas a day for a week! Sometimes, I go back to the ones that I had when I was younger.
    - Rovina Broomfield, senior product manager and co-founder of Textures and Hues
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail or mess up

    Sometimes you learn just as much from the projects that don’t go perfectly. These are great learning opportunities and chances for you to grow as a student.
    – Belinda Worley, senior program manager for Amazon Robotics
  5. Follow your excitement

    Passion will drive you to dive deeper, learn more, and discover creative solutions. People will try to steer you towards certain careers, but follow subjects you’re excited by. This will make you just as successful, and happy.
    – Jenna Powers, director of recruiting operations
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