After over a decade in the tech industry, Terry Leeper joined Amazon in 2011. He recalls, “We were not as big in AWS then as we are now. We were experimenting a lot with new markets and features.” Since then, he’s worked in Amazon’s vendor facing tools (Vendor Express and Vendor Expression), as well as Amazon’s retail workflow and flash sales workflows for and

As a long-time Texas native, Terry was a strong advocate for Amazon’s expansion into Austin. He wanted to return to Texas and he loved working at Amazon, "so I was empowered to come to Austin and help open our Amazon corporate office here."

How Amazon deals with failure is what Terry finds to be so unique. He says, “We try so many things and yet when we fail, we learn from those things rather than become depressed over it. People may not be aware of how many times we have tried and failed and then succeeded!"

Terry currently works as director of Software Development and CTO for Amazon Business. Aside from Amazon, Terry is quite active in his local church and the Advisory Board of Texas A&M University. Terry and his wife Jana, endowed a scholarship in computer science and engineering at his alma mater.