Come to your job interview speaking fluent Amazonian

A roundup of illuminating @amazonnews tweets for job-seekers.
on September 17, 2018
Whether you're a longtime Amazon employee or someone with a strong interest in pursuing a career here, there's a lot to be learned by delving into specific examples of how we translate our Leadership Principles into inventive ideas that make a difference for customers.

As a day-by-day supplement to comprehensive resources like the "Interviewing at Amazon" pages on the site, we recommend following @amazonnews on Twitter. The tweets offer a window into company's past, present, and future and shine a light on outstanding Amazonians. In case you missed these tweets the first time, here are some of our favorites.
  • Seeking learners
    What we mean by "learn and be curious."

  • Entrepreneurs welcome
    We think big. If you've got a big idea, pitch it.

  • Benefits that reflect our values
    Working here means joining a team where we have each other's backs in times of change.

  • Prepare to be in demand
    We help our associates afford classes to train for new careers in high-demand fields such as aircraft mechanic or nursing.
  • Community-minded
    Leadership means being a good neighbor.

  • Frugal from the start
    An early Amazonian tells a story about how we accomplish more with less.

  • The STAR method
    Re-examine the stories you tell about yourself. We see failure as a necessary part of innovation.

  • More ways to stay informed
    Not into Twitter? No problem.
About the Author
Before joining the Amazon Stories team in 2012, Dave Quigg’s jobs included newspaper reporter, blogger, writing tutor, and stay-at-home dad.
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