Working at Amazon

Doppler Employees on the Stairs
Images of Amazon's Seattle, Washington, campus, in both the Regrade and South Lake Union neighborhoods. (JORDAN STEAD / Amazon)

A family fulfilled at Amazon

Rita Stafford inspired her daughter and granddaughter to join her at our Lebanon, Tennessee fulfillment center.

Building herself a great story

How Amazon helps employees like Jamie Davis reach their dreams with Career Choice.

Resilience that inspires

This retiree and cancer survivor came to work at Amazon for the chance to encourage others, keep his mind active, and make a difference for customers.

Einstein, fastballs, and doing the right thing

Amazon leader Jeff Wilke answers 17 unexpected questions.

An Army special ops leader takes on Amazon operations

Veterans find satisfying missions in civilian careers.

Planting ideas

This Amazon horticulturist teaches people about plants like the future depends on it.

Amazon tops LinkedIn ranking

Amazon leads LinkedIn's 2018 Top Companies list, a measure of most sought-after employers.

Blind since birth, writing code at Amazon since 2013

Michael Forzano said he has a good “mental map of the structure of the code,” which allows him to help colleagues and provide unique feedback to his team.

Conversations on race and ethnicity

Amazonians had authentic, honest conversations at our first CORE conference.

Love is in The Spheres

How two Amazonians met, worked together, and fell in love at Amazon.
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