Amazon One, Amazon Air’s first named aircraft, took flight in August 2016. In total, 35 aircraft have been introduced to the Amazon Air operation to support package delivery for the rapidly growing number of Prime members who love ultra-fast delivery, low prices, and vast selection from Amazon. And we've got five more aircraft on the way.

To inspire both customers and Amazonians, the Amazon Air team decided to expand Amazon’s peculiar culture into the aviation sector. They decided it was time to name more planes. If each of our aircraft could tell a story… what would they say?

It was only fitting to task the Amazon Air team to name the next aircraft, and the team came up with some great ideas – Smile High, Prime Mover, Sky Raiser, Alexa’s Fly Ride – but it was no surprise that the team was drawn to the leadership principles and Amazon’s peculiar culture.

“It is mandatory that all aircraft have an individual tail number, but not all companies name aircraft,” said Sarah Rhoads, Director of Amazon Air. “We’ve heard positive feedback about Amazon One and I’m thrilled with the new names our team chose as they embody our culture and spirit.”

The next time you’re at the airport, keep an eye out for one of our aircraft.