Amazon Wind Farm Texas

Bringing The Spheres’ green walls to life

See how our horticulture team was able to pack plant biodiversity into every inch of space with The Spheres’ living wall.

Powering a clean future

Amazon's largest wind farm to date is adding more than 1 million megawatt hours of clean energy to the grid each year.

5 things you don’t know about Amazon packaging

Learn how we invent and test new packaging to eliminate waste, ensure products arrive safely, and end “wrap rage” for our customers.

The super-efficient heat source hidden below Amazon's Seattle headquarters

Thanks to a collaboration across city agencies, engineers, a “carrier hotel” and others, Amazon’s newest building is heated by recycling excess energy from a neighboring data center.

Amazon launches largest wind farm yet

We're adding more than 1,000,000 MWh of clean energy to the grid each year.

Solar power delivers a win-win-win

The Amazon smile box now comes with even more sunshine. Today we announced that we’ve begun hosting solar installations on the rooftops of our fulfillment and sortation centers with a goal of installing at least 50 solar systems by 2020.

Welcoming Al Gore to Amazon

On the heels of our recent Texas Wind Farm announcement (our largest renewable energy project to date) we were honored to welcome Al Gore to Amazon last Friday. Al Gore is former Vice President of the United States and current Chairman of Generation Investment Management.

Our largest wind farm yet: introducing Amazon Wind Farm Texas

Today we announced our largest renewable energy project to date, Amazon Wind Farm Texas. It's the newest renewable energy project in our long-term sustainability efforts across Amazon, which include wind and solar farms, green rooftops, and the District Energy Project—a system we built in Seattle to heat our office buildings with recycled energy.

Celebrating Earth Day 2016

At Amazon we are constantly looking for ways to further reduce our environmental impact. This spans our company – including things like our wind and solar farms, innovative building design, Frustration-Free Packaging, support of the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan and initiatives like the “I Want to Be Recycled” public service campaign. With our growth and current scale, we can put our inventive culture to work on further moving the needle on sustainability issues. Here's a bit more about a few of those things we're already doing.
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