Strength in numbers

5 facts showing the impact of Amazon Marketplace
on January 10, 2018
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    In 2017, more than 300,000 small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the U.S. started selling on Amazon.
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    Last year, more than 140,000 SMBs selling on Amazon surpassed $100,000 in annual sales.
     Hardmill Durable Goods
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    Since the program started in 2011, Amazon Lending has loaned more than $3 billion to small businesses on Amazon.
    Amazon's Seattle Campus 2017
    Amazon's Seattle, Washington, campus, in both the downtown and South Lake Union neighborhoods.
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    Last year, Amazon Handmade expanded to include 10 categories offering more than one million handcrafted items, from thousands of artisans and small business owners, across all 50 states and in more than 60 countries.
    Sarah Bak - Amazon Handmade seller
    Sarah Bak Pottery
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    During the holidays, customers ordered more than 1 billion items from SMBs on Amazon, with more than 140 million items ordered between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.
    Mr. Maurs founder Spencer Lindsay
    Mr. Maurs barbecue sauce
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