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Amazon Handmade celebrates five years of its U.S. store and gives back to Makers

Since the Handmade store launched in 2015, more than 100 Makers have surpassed $1 million in annual sales.
on September 21, 2020
Since launching in 2015, Handmade has created a space for customers to shop genuine, handcrafted goods across a variety of categories from verified Makers, helping support entrepreneurs and micro-businesses, all with the added perks of shopping in Amazon’s online store.

In five years Amazon Handmade's worldwide selection has increased 2,000% and the number of active Makers has increased nearly 750%. Today, millions of products are available and tens of millions have been sold globally. Handmade's top-selling categories include home, kitchen and jewelry. Through Amazon Handmade, Makers can reach customers across the globe, widening product distribution and creating a larger audience for their business and craft. Makers from more than 80 countries sell on Amazon Handmade, including India, Ukraine and more.

After five years, the mission and vision for Amazon Handmade remains the same: empower makers with the tools necessary to grow successful businesses. “We remain focused on connecting customers with micro-businesses and helping Makers around the world grow in Amazon’s store," said Katie Harnetiaux, Amazon Handmade's Global Head. "We’re excited about all that Amazon Handmade has accomplished in the last five years. As we look ahead, supporting and showcasing our Makers and giving them a voice will continue to drive whatever we do."

In honor of the U.S. anniversary, Handmade is giving back to those who have been with us since the very start: Makers. Earlier this month, Handmade called on Amazon customers to vote for their favorite U.S. Makers, nominating each for a chance to win $15,000 to help grow their business. The votes are in and the five winners include 16J Organics, Eyespire Designs, Greetings in Braille, Mojo Spa, and Ron’s Roses. Amazon Handmade is honored to give back to these businesses as they continue to grow.

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Meet the Winners
  1. 16J Organics

    "I want to thank Amazon and everyone who voted to make 16J Organics an Amazon Handmade winner. This Anniversary Award and grant will help propel 16J Organics to its next phase of growth by ensuring we have the necessary resources to succeed during this upcoming holiday season. I’m eternally grateful and honored for this opportunity." – Lourdes, Owner of 16J Organics
  2. Eyespire Designs

    "I'm so excited! This is going to help me tremendously. It’s going to enable me to do things I haven’t been able to do before because of my visual impairment. I’ll have the freedom to take my business to the next level. Before now, I had obstacles and limitations that I’ll now be able to overcome. Thank you everyone who voted for me. I don’t know what else to say. I’m extremely humbled and speechless. Wow!" – Jennifer, Owner of Eyespire Designs
  3. Greetings in Braille

    "I cannot express my gratitude enough, and I thank everyone who voted for Greetings in Braille. My goal has always been to make people happy, to make life brighter in these hard times, to put a smile on someone’s face. Amazon Handmade and the $15,000 will be used to achieve that goal." – Nadia, Owner of Greetings in Braille
  4. Mojo Spa

    "I'm so grateful and excited for this opportunity! I look forward to using these funds to pursue local creative collaborations, produce a brand new line of self-care products, and promote our brand to a wider audience to help spread the MOJO!" – Amanda, Owner of Mojo Spa
  5. Ron’s Roses

    "This is wonderful, and I am so very honored to be a recipient of the Handmade contest. The money will help me to expand my business by purchasing more supplies and increasing my inventory, purchasing a small shed in which to keep my finished copper creations and packing/shipping material, advertising, possibly getting a camera to take better photos of my products, and I'm hoping to purchase a copper laser cutter to be able to cut intricate designs in earrings, etc. This is an amazing 'gift', and I am so very grateful!" – Ron, owner of Ron’s Roses
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