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Brian Huseman, Vice President of Public Policy, Amazon offers opening remarks during POLITICO's Amazon Future of Work Summit at the Newseum in Washington, DC., Thursday, November 30, 2017. (Photo by Rod Lamkey Jr.)
Photo by Rod Lamkey, Jr.

Amazon Intellectual Property Accelerator

Helping brands accelerate obtaining intellectual property rights and protecting brands in our stores.

Raising the minimum wage is something all companies and Congress should get behind

Amazon invites other companies and Congress to raise the federal minimum wage and improve the lives of millions of Americans.

Amazon renews open invitation for Sanders, policymakers to visit fulfillment centers

Amazon associates are the heart and soul of our company and their safety is our number one priority.

Top Amazon lawyer: 'justice for all' requires more funding and innovation

The public and private sectors need to work together to fix the broken civil justice system.


Some thoughts on facial recognition legislation

Facial recognition technology significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to identify people or objects in photos and video. This makes it a powerful tool for business purposes, but just as importantly, for law enforcement and government agencies to catch criminals, prevent crime, and find missing people.

Alexa provides information, resources on opioid epidemic

The Ad Council, Truth, and the Office of National Drug Control Policy today announced a new campaign aimed at providing useful information about the opioid crisis.

Protecting customer trust

How we're working to protect IP rights and the customer experience.

What the future of work looks like for Amazon

These days, it seems as if the future creeps up on us faster than ever before, and with it comes significant change. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been reading on our Kindles for a decade, and that we’re able to order many of our favorite items with just our voice. There is plenty of analysis out there on the technology of the future.

An afternoon with fellows from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Last week, Amazon’s Public Policy office in DC hosted an event with more than 20 public policy fellows from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute fellowship programs, which share a mission to prepare the next generation of leaders through fellowships, mentorships and leadership development opportunities.

Amazonians represent at White House LGBTQ tech summit

Between the three of them, Amazonians Robyn Kanner, Bowen Ames and Annabelle Richard Backman have a long list of accomplishments: they’re award winning designers, entrepreneurs, activists and innovators. But after being selected to serve as voices for the LGBT community at the LGBT White House Tech and Innovation Briefing, they can add White House technology advisor to their lists of titles.
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