Hundreds of thousands of people work in Amazon's operations network, making sure customers can get what they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the weeks and months ahead, you’ll meet some of them through these stories.

"Family, to me, means love, caring, sticking together. Always love first."
Like many, Ricardo works to support what matters most: his family. He’s an Amazon seasonal sortation associate who provides for his daughter and thrives on the opportunity to learn new skills while delivering for his community.

Meet Ricardo

"We’re all working towards a common goal."
Oscar can’t hide the smile on his face, even though he’s wearing a mask these days. With a new baby at home, Oscar thinks a lot about what it means to be “essential.”

Meet Oscar

"If I could take care of everyone who is sick out there, I would do it in a heartbeat."
Christine’s passion is taking care of her co-workers and others. That’s something her son has even noticed when he says, “Mommy likes to take care of people." One day he wants to become a doctor to care for others, too.

Meet Christine

"The ability that this company has to deliver on their customer promise is more important than ever."
Kent's wife is a teacher, now learning to do her job from home. His son just wants to play baseball. And Kent is thriving at Amazon, making his family proud.

Meet Kent

"With this pandemic, safety is even more important."
Janelle is an area manager for Amazon who loves her job and says a fulfillment center is like “walking into the chocolate factory and you won a golden ticket.” Her three-year-old son agrees when they get a box from “mommy’s work.”

Meet Janelle

How Amazon is keeping its employees safe
Amazon will invest $4 billion through June on COVID-related initiatives to keep employees safe and deliver products safely to customers. That includes everything from providing more than 100 million face masks and 34 million pairs of gloves to Amazon employees worldwide, to adding thousands of handwashing stations and more than 93 million sanitizing wipes, daily temperature checks, and more.

Learn here about Amazon’s focus on safety, pay, benefits, and job creation and find out more about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic through daily updates.