By the numbers: Amazon India

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on August 02, 2018 (Updated: January 14, 2020)
In India, Amazon has created one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world, allowing people to benefit from our expertise in customer service and reliable nationwide delivery — even to the Himalayas, the site of our most extreme delivery.

Here are some other facts about Amazon in India:
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    On wheels, horseback, and boats
    An Udaan point in the heart of a tier 2 town in India
    The delivery associates in India deliver via various modes of transport: cars, vans, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, bicycles, boats, on foot, and in some cases even on a horse.
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    Broadening opportunities
    Five women on motor scooters.
    Amazon India has two all-women delivery stations. They are managed completely by women, a first in a male-dominated industry.
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    "Silent stations"
    Amazon associates orange shirts communicate with each other in sign language on a street in Mumbai, India.
    There are two "silent stations" in Mumbai where deaf associates deliver packages to customers in surrounding areas. There are also more than 100 deaf associates working in fulfillment centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore.
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    Remote deliveries
    Under a bright blue sky and colorful prayer flags, multi-story buildings with shops are photographed on facing sides of a street. Domed structures and snow-capped mountains are in the background.
    Central shopping district in Leh, India.
    Amazon delivers to remote parts of the country, including the largest river island, Majuli, and in Leh, a town that sits at an elevation of roughly 11,500 feet.
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    Commemorative stamp
    Image of a stamp worth 5 Indian Rupees. The design shows a delivery person holding a box marked "" and standing in front of a skyline in the distance. The stamp also bears the words "" and "3 years of delivering smiles."
    Using India Post, Amazon India has delivered customer orders to every serviceable India Postal Index Number (PIN) code — more than 20,000 PIN codes in all (a PIN code is like a zip code).

    In 2016, India Post issued an Amazon India "My Stamp" to celebrate the marketplace’s third anniversary in the country. It has a value of 5 Indian Rupees, or about 7 cents.
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