Amazon Fulfillment Center - Kent, WA
Photo by JORDAN STEAD / Amazon

Amazon offering 125,000 full-time jobs to seasonal employees

Amazon will convert 125,000 of the 175,000 temporary roles hired since March to permanent jobs if employees would like to stay at Amazon long term.

Meet Ricardo

Meeting the Moment

A new series takes viewers behind the scenes of Amazon to meet some of the employees who are delivering smiles.

Meet Janelle

Janelle’s an Amazon area manager and proud mom. She’s been hard at work tackling the challenge of getting millions of safety items like masks to Amazon employees across our network.

Meet Christine

Christine’s an Amazon associate with a passion for helping people no matter what the challenge. She’s proud to have been able to look out for her coworkers’ health through daily temperature checks.

Meet Oscar

Amazon employees, like Oscar, rise to the challenges before them. He’s an Amazon delivery driver working to support his newborn baby, and filled with pride to serve his community.

Meet Kent

Our people rise to life's big challenges, like Kent, an Amazon delivery operations manager and father. He's proud to make sure the customers depending on him for delivery get what they need.

Amazon will invest $4 billion to keep employees safe and get people what they need

100 million face masks are one of many ways we’re helping protect our employees. See our TV ad for more details.

Keeping Amazon employees safe

100 million masks is one of many ways we’re helping protect our employees.

The faces of Amazon operations

Meet the people stepping up during this critical time to make sure that Amazon boxes arrive with what you need.
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