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5 things you'll see, hear, and experience at Amazon re:MARS

From robots to astronauts, industry-leading speakers to breakthrough technologies, discover what'll be happening at the conference.
on April 16, 2019
Imagine being surrounded by forward-thinkers whose big ideas and innovations push you, in turn, to think bigger and in bold new directions. That’s the idea behind Amazon re:MARS, a new global AI event on Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space. re:MARS will take place June 4-7, 2019 in Las Vegas, and will gather researchers, business leaders, and technical builders to explore breakthrough innovations and discuss why and how to apply the latest AI advances in their own business and work. Tickets are now available for re:MARS, and you can register to save your spot. Here are five things you can expect to see, hear, and experience at the event.
  1. Attend a fireside chat with Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

    It’s not often that you get to hear from Jeff Bezos. What’s more, you’ll hear him speak at an event inspired by MARS, Jeff’s exclusive event that brings together leading minds to embrace an optimistic vision for scientific discovery to advance a golden age of innovation. The beauty of MARS — and now, re:MARS — is that it gathers experts and forward-thinkers across four innovative disciplines. This broadened framework helps us think bigger and more creatively, beyond our daily work and immediate worlds, to learn, imagine, and create at a higher collective level. It is in this setting that you’ll hear from Jeff himself — and you just might find yourself sitting next to an astronaut (we expect a few in attendance).
  2. Get an under-the-hood look at how Amazon uses AI to fuel business

    In addition to Jeff Bezos, other Amazon leaders will highlight the various ways AI fuels just about everything we do at Amazon. Hear from CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer, Jeff Wilke, SVP of Amazon Devices and Services, Dave Limp, and Amazon CTO Werner Vogels. They’ll share the various tangible ways Amazon employs AI to drive better outcomes for customers — both in visible ways and behind the scenes.

    Learn about deep learning and other technologies in production at Amazon today including the 100,000 robots in our fulfillment centers, the neural networks that optimize the customer experience in Amazon’s stores, the computer vision and sensor fusion behind Amazon Go’s "Just Walk Out" technology, and the natural language processing powering Alexa. And hear how these technologies are driving results, from improving the shopping experience through recommendations and search, reducing the time from click to delivery, and enabling customers to shop in physical stores without having to deal with checkout lines.
  3. Hear and learn from innovators across the MARS disciplines

    In addition to Amazon leaders, re:MARS will feature thought leaders who are driving innovation across the MARS discipline. Get inspired by some of the brightest minds across science, business, and academia as they share the latest research in scientific advancements, industry innovation, and their perspective on how these domains will evolve. Hear from Landing AI Founder and CEO Andrew Ng, Actor and Producer Robert Downey, Jr., Boston Dynamics Founder & CEO Marc Raibert (who’ll bring along Spot, the popular robotic dog), and more. Learn how experts are using satellite imagery to track pirates on the open seas, building open-source prosthesis to fuel broader research, and advancing the Mars rover to unlock the history of the planet from 200 million miles away. Check out our list of featured speakers to explore the various topics that will leave you inspired.
  4. Turn lessons into practice through technical deep-dives

    As you get inspired, you’ll be able to turn lessons into practice through workshops and deep-dives that focus on Amazon AI technologies such as Amazon Alexa and Amazon SageMaker as well as automation and robotics services like AWS DeepRacer and AWS RoboMaker. Join the re:MARS BlackJack Challenge, a half-day course where you'll use computer vision and neural networks to try to win at blackjack. Create robots and learn how to connect them to a variety of AWS offerings. Take on the challenge of training autonomous cars using machine learning with AWS DeepRacer. Check out the session catalog for a full list of offerings. When you leave, you’ll be up-to-speed on the latest AI trends and best practices, and have the technical skills to apply AI to your job when you head back to work.
  5. Experience breakthrough technology

    At re:MARS, you’ll not only have a chance to hear and learn about leaps in technology; you’ll also be able to experience them yourself. Sit in the Blue Origin New Shepard crew capsule and be inspired by the imaginative minds pushing the boundaries of space travel. Check out the Robotics Showcase where you can explore the latest robotic innovations from startups and university labs as well as Amazon. Talk to universities like Harvard that are on the cutting edge of robotics — from human bionic aids that are unlocking new possibilities for people to robots that are helping make our world a safer place through environmental cleanup and disaster recovery efforts. Experience how easy it is to get started with robotics with AWS RoboMaker, and try your hand at programming a rover. In addition, the party at Amazon re:MARS will be an experience in itself. We have much more to share — but we’ll wait until the party to unveil the rest.

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Registration for Amazon re:MARS is now open, but tickets are limited. Register today to save your spot. I hope to see you in Las Vegas.
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