How Amazon works

Amazon smile boxes move move along a conveyor belt within an Amazon Fulfilment Center or warehouse.

How Amazon automated work for employees’ benefit

The author of 'Always Day One' describes Amazon's philosophy behind automation in an article for HBR

Fact check: sizing up Amazon

While Amazon is a large company, we operate in big, competitive, and highly fragmented global markets—and have bigger retail competitors in every country we serve.

Supporting small businesses with tools, insights, and data

Amazon has invested tens of billions in infrastructure and built hundreds of tools to help independent sellers succeed in our store—including data analytics that help independent sellers to better understand and reach customers.

Zero to 60: The acceleration of independent sellers in our store

The story behind the growth of independent sellers—mostly small- and medium-sized businesses—in the Amazon store.

Why customers love store brands like AmazonBasics

Since the first store brands launched in the 19th century, customers have benefited from the value they offer.