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The magic of science

Lost in Oz helps ignite passion for STEM education.

Music in a voice-first world

How Alexa and Amazon Music help you find the music you want (even when you don’t know exactly what you want.)

23 Emmy nominations for Prime Video and Amazon

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel tops Prime Video nominations with 14 nominations, see which other nominations were garnered at the Emmys.

Behind the scenes with X-Ray

Find out about the feature that lets users access actor bios, trivia, bonus videos and photos, and more directly on screen.

Rock out with the official soundtrack of Pride in London

Take a musical trip across the pond to celebrate Pride in London. We've got your back with 12 Amazon Music playlists curated by our music experts.

Songs of Pride

These playlists, including one curated by LGBTQ residents of Covenant House, are your official Amazon Music soundtracks for Pride.

Are you ready for the royal wedding?

Here's your binge watching guide for the countdown to May 19th.

By the numbers: May the Fourth be with you!

For Star Wars fans around the world, May the Fourth brings the same set of age-old choices: Blaster or Lightsaber? Jedi or Sith? Empire or Rebel Alliance?

Your favorites from Elton John, reimagined

Get a listen of Elton John’s new tribute albums Revamp and Restoration with the launch of The Soundboard by Amazon Music.

Batter up

Alexa's been brushing up on her baseball knowledge, for the start of the MLB season. Find out what she knows.
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