Your back to school playlist

Find your ultimate mix for studying, relaxing, playing, and more.
on August 31, 2018
Schools across the country are starting back up as summer fades. Find your ultimate playlist for your back-to-school experience, from our expert-curated selections below.
  1. College: hip hop study session

    Soundtrack your study session with these chart topping, vibey hip-hop favorites.
  2. High school: pop for studying

    Books open, speakers up. This playlist is perfect for getting your study on.
  3. Preschool: no bad mornings

    Kick back with a juicebox and some snacks as you sing along to these infectious tunes.
  4. Elementary school: back to school in style

    Get back to the books with the biggest pop songs that were the soundtrack for your summer.
  5. Moms: wine down

    Send the kids to bed, grab a glass of wine, and relax with these tunes begging to be put on repeat.
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