While Dorothy and friends continue their adventures in Oz and the Emerald City, this season, audience members can learn more about the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) ideas behind the Emmy-award winning children’s series.

While watching Lost in Oz, Families can explore STEM concepts such as the binary system, the periodic table, and Newton’s laws of motion through a series of educational shorts sponsored by Amazon’s initiative to provide valuable resources and ignite passion for STEM education among the next generation.

“This innovative new project with the Amazon in the Community team is a perfect example of how Lost in Oz is designed to expand in new and exciting directions,” said Producer Jared Mark. “Lost in Oz is an ideal platform to explore educational initiatives in a fun way, building on the multitude of STEM ideas embedded within the DNA of the show. We’re very excited to see kids and their families enjoying these videos together, and then going out to explore the science and magic in the world around them.”

The STEM shorts are available through X-Ray, an exclusive Prime Video feature that allows fans to learn more about their favorite movies and series or below.

Join Ashley Boettcher, the voice of protagonist Dorothy Gale, in the Lost in Oz laboratory to learn about the science of magic on the show.

STEM with Lost in Oz - binary code
STEM with Lost in Oz - maps
STEM with Lost in Oz - the sand boat
STEM with Lost in Oz - periodic table
STEM with Lost in Oz - gears