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By the numbers: May the Fourth be with you!

For Star Wars fans around the world, May the Fourth brings the same set of age-old choices: Blaster or Lightsaber? Jedi or Sith? Empire or Rebel Alliance?
on May 04, 2018
In honor of the galactic holiday, we surveyed Prime Video members to learn about their favorite movie in the series and answer the age old question, “What is the correct order to stream the movies?” 41% of survey respondents said chronological order is the best way to view, and episodic order came in as the second best. The movie that topped the favorites list is The Empire Strikes Back, and respondents’ least favorite movie in the franchise is The Phantom Menace.
  • 2,000
    One Prime household streamed over 2,000 hours of Star Wars!
  • 446
    Movie poster for the Empire Strikes Back
    One Prime household streamed The Empire Strikes Back 446 times!
  • December
    The most popular month for streaming Star Wars was December, and most popular day for streaming Star Wars was December 16, 2017.
  • 500%
    The Last Jedi arrived in theaters on December 15, 2017, and the number of customers streaming Star Wars on December 16, 2017 was 500% higher than the average daily number of Star Wars streaming customers within the past month.
  • A new record
    Star Wars: A New Hope is the most repeatedly streamed film of the nine Star Wars films.
  • 10x
    Amazon Music listeners couldn’t get enough of the franchise soundtracks by John Williams, with streams spiking 10x the daily average on May 4, 2017! To celebrate the latest Star Wars release in December, we created the “Best of the Dark Side” playlist for fans of the galactic empire and “Best of the Jedi” for rebels at heart.
  • “Best of The Jedi”
    Which playlists do US listeners prefer? Overall, “Best of The Jedi” had slightly more streams when compared to “Best of the Dark Side” this year.
  • Delaware & Arkansas
    In only two states, the streams of the “Dark Side” playlist exceeded those of the “Jedi” – Delaware and Arkansas. There are another 15 states that prefer the "Dark Side" more than the national average, including Texas, Maine and Ohio.
  • #1
    And there was one Star Wars toy that stood out amongst the rest. Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit by littleBits was the top selling toy in 2017.
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