Behind the scenes with X-Ray

Find out about the feature that lets users access actor bios, trivia, bonus videos and photos, and more directly on screen.
on June 27, 2018
X-Ray is an exclusive Prime Video feature that allows customers to answer quick questions like “Who is that actor?” or “What’s that song?” while giving fans a way to dive deeper into their favorite movies and series by exploring actor bios and filmographies, "did you know" facts and trivia, character backstories, photo galleries, and bonus video content.

X-Ray features do not disrupt the viewing experience, are easily accessible for customers who want to engage with them, and cost nothing for Prime Video customers. The X-Ray team is always working to make the streaming experience even more enjoyable, by answering burning questions, providing deep immersive content, and adding new experiences to upcoming releases.

You can see their work on the Prime Video app in over 240 countries and territories and for tens of thousands of titles on compatible devices including Amazon Fire Tablets and TV/Stick, iOS and Android mobile devices, web browsers, and select smart TVs and game consoles. To access X-Ray, tap the screen, click up on the remote, or move your cursor while the video is playing.
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    Cast and characters
    X-ray features on Fire TV include behind-the-scenes, exclusive content, and more, displayed on a television.
    X-Ray identifies actors, and in some of our movies and series, it also identifies the characters. Never again wonder where you saw that person, before.
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    X-Ray places interesting trivia at specific time points in the movie or series for customers while they watch.
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    Bonus content
    On select titles, find high quality, curated bonus videos and photos in addition to our base X-Ray experience (scenes, cast, music, trivia, etc.). Bonus videos are meant to explain, expand or entertain: they are analysis pieces with character or story-driven commentary; companion pieces with in-world content such as character exploration, world exploration or topical exploration; or continued conversation pieces which include the fun stuff such as blooper reels. Bonus photos include behind-the-scenes high-resolution stills, concept art, props, and set designs among others. Don’t forget to click the images to read captions which may feature commentary direct from the creators!
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    Want to know the song in the background or what tune the actor is singing? If you want to see the entire song list, you can browse the music tab to see the entire featured music list. Click the “jump to” button to go to the exact scene where the song is being played.
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    Where to find X-Ray
    X-Ray is available on thousands of titles across the Prime Video catalog. Make sure you check the bonus content section. The following titles include our most robust X-Ray experiences:

    Bosch S4
    The Remix S1
    All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks
    Dino Dana S1
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    Sneaky Pete
    The Grand Tour
    Lost in Oz
    Just Add Magic
    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
    Star Wars: Last Jedi
    Black Panther
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