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A 7-year-old’s guide to stay-at-home life during COVID-19

Free content from Amazon helps make time at home more enjoyable and educational.

Amazon Music has more than 55 million customers worldwide

The music streaming service shares milestone growth metrics for the first time ever.

Top holiday music trends from around the world

Amazon Music—a leader in holiday music streaming—shares new insights on the popularity of music during the holiday season.

Apple Podcasts now available on Echo devices

Customers can now stream over 800,000 shows available on Apple Podcasts by simply asking Alexa to play their favorite podcast.

"Alexa, play John Legend’s new holiday song"

Listen to John Legend’s new holiday song, featuring vocals by daughter Luna and wife Chrissy Teigen, only on Amazon Music.

Free streaming now available on Amazon Music

Top playlists and thousands of stations are now available to stream on even more devices, for free.

Stream music the way artists want you to hear it

With Amazon Music HD, customers can stream more than 50 million songs in the highest quality streaming audio available.


Introducing Intersect Music Festival

Find out about this brand-new music festival celebrating creativity, innovation, and community.

Amazon Music now available on Apple TV 4K

Millions of songs are now available to stream on the new Amazon Music app for Apple TV.

See highlights from Amazon Music's Prime Day concert

Missed the show? Stream performances from Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, SZA, and Becky G. on demand on Prime Video, for a limited time.
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