Can your TV do that?

5 things you can do with the new Fire TV Cube. Happy streaming!
on July 10, 2018
  1. “Alexa, turn on the TV”

    Fire TV Cube comes with eight built in microphones, which means it’s now even easier to control your entertainment experience with your voice — just ask, and Alexa will start playing your favorite show, help you find a good movie to watch, control playback, and more. Here’s how to get started.
  2. In-app voice control with Alexa

    Use your voice to search, control playback, and even change the channel within apps on Fire TV. Just say “Alexa, watch This is Us” and we’ll take care of the rest. These capabilities are available today on some of the most popular apps like Hulu, Prime Video, ESPN, FOX NOW, SHOWTIME, STARZ, PlayStation Vue, CBS All Access, NBC, Sony Crackle, and more. Dozens of additional apps will add this functionality by the end of 2018.
  3. Control your smart home with Fire TV

    Use Alexa to view camera feeds, control lights, thermostats, and other compatible smart home devices. Plus, play music, check the weather, listen to the news and more—just ask. See what you can do with compatible smart home devices on Fire TV here.
  4. Live TV, your way

    Use your voice to control live TV from your cable or satellite box, or from streaming apps like Hulu or Playstation Vue. Simply say, “Alexa, watch ESPN".
  5. Music on Fire TV Cube

    One of the best kept secrets on Fire TV Cube is the integration with music apps like Prime Music, Spotify,and iHeartRadio, which give you access to millions of songs. And be sure to check out the “Show Lyrics” functionality on Amazon Music. Also, customers can have unlimited access to tens of millions of songs with Amazon Music starting at just $3.99/month.
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