A little girl looks at an Echo Dot Kids' edition device on her nightstand while wearing a witch hat. The room is adorned in Halloween decorations.
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"Alexa, trick or treat?"

From smart home tricks to spooky stories, here are some of the ways Amazon Devices and Ring can help set the mood for Halloween at home.
on October 08, 2020
For many of us, Halloween festivities like haunted houses, gatherings, and, of course, trick-or-treating, will look very different in 2020. While you’re celebrating the holiday from the comfort of your home this year, try using Alexa, Ring, and Amazon Devices to easily create a festive—and even spooky—Halloween environment.
  1. Ask Alexa to set the scene

    Alexa can help transform your home into an eerie Halloween experience with a few spooky sounds or songs. Simply ask Alexa to "sing a spooky song," or "open Spooky Sounds" to make your house sound like the scariest on the block. For more Halloween fun from Alexa, trying asking, “Alexa, give me Halloween rap,” “Alexa, tell me a spooky story,” or “Alexa, trick or treat?” for new Halloween content each day.

    If you're looking for extra fright, enable the Ghost Detector Skill. Then say, "Alexa, launch Ghost Detector" to start ghost busting. Or say, "Alexa, let’s get spooky" to discover Spooky Sounds and Games with Alexa.
  2. Star in your own scary story

    With the Halloween Blueprint, you can easily make your own scary story for friends and family to listen to. To create your story, visit blueprints.amazon.com, select the Halloween blueprint, and customize it with sounds, expressions, names, and more.
  3. Create an at-home haunted house

    Bring your favorite haunted house features and festive Halloween moments to life in your home with Amazon and Ring Devices.

    Set the Ring doorbell Faceplate: Start with "dressing up" your front door by adding a festive Faceplate to your Ring Video Doorbell, or set it to ring with a new spooky Chime tone so you know exactly "whooooooo" is at the door.

    Dim the lights: If you have smart lightbulbs, set the mood by dimming them 10%, or even turning them to orange or red. Want to scare your friends and family members? Program your smart lightbulbs to turn off at a certain time in the Alexa app. When they least expect it, the lights will shut off and you can blame it on the ghosts.

    Create a spooky routine: For an at-home haunted house, try Alexa Routines. For instance, you can create your own spooky Routine where you simply tell Alexa your trigger phrase (might we suggest something like "Alexa, make it scary") and your smart lights dim and turn orange, and Halloween music begins. Plus, you can now share your Alexa Routines with friends and family (or enable theirs) via shareable URL links.
  4. Plan a scary movie night

    Watch your favorite Halloween movies on Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and more with the all-new Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick Lite. To create a theater experience, set up your smart lightbulbs with your living room lamps so you can easily dim the lights or turn them a festive color. For a surround sound experience, connect your Fire TV device with compatible speakers and bring the scary moments to life.
  5. Cook up some festive food

    Halloween is one of the best holidays when it comes to creative food. From pecan caramel spiders to "Mac-O-Lantern" and cheese bowls, it’s easy to find amazing recipes for the holiday using the Food Network Kitchen Skill. If you’re not trick-or-treating this year, there are also recipes to make homemade candy to have around the house—or ask Alexa to purchase pre-made creations.
  6. Turn up the trickery with Alexa

    The best part of Halloween isn’t just the treats—it’s also the tricks. With the help of Alexa and an Amazon Device, you can play hilarious pranks on your entire household. Here are a few ideas:

    Costume chore time: Parents, this one is for you. Let your kiddos know that Alexa will give them today’s chore. Using the Alexa App, set a reminder to have Alexa announce at a certain time that it’s time to take out the trash or clean their room but with a twist—in their Halloween costume. Have your phone ready to capture some hilarious footage.

    Spooky wake-up: Want to get your family in the Halloween spirit? What better way to do so than with a festive wake-up call? Sneak into your family's rooms when they’re not looking and ask Alexa to play the Spooky Halloween Sounds Skill a minute before their alarm typically goes off.

    “Alexa, remind me to look for ghosts:” This is a great prank (and way to past the time) for kiddos and ghost lovers alike. Secretly, set a reminder for when you know the entire family will be gathering in the kitchen or living room. Have the reminder say “don’t forget, there may be a ghost hiding in the house, use the ghost detector.” Not only is this a great prank, it’s also a fun opportunity to try out the Ghost Detector Skill—which helps you detect and capture ghosts.
Explore more ways to use your Amazon and Ring Devices at amazon.com/devices or amazon.com/smarthalloween.
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