Kindles Through Time
Photo by JORDAN STEAD / Amazon

"Alexa, what should I do today?"

Explore some of the latest updates that Alexa and our devices can help with—from cooking classes to fitness, education, and more.

A thank you to the heroes working on the front lines

Hospitals, schools, and community organizations have moved quickly during the pandemic to support their patients, students, and others in need.

Some of the many ways customers are using Alexa during the COVID‑19 pandemic

From Drop-In calls to chicken dance how-tos, a traffic light in your home office, and more—we’re inspired.

Smart home hacks

Smart home ideas for working from home.

Amazon donating $5 million in devices globally

Donations will help healthcare workers, patients, students, and communities impacted by COVID‑19.

Alexa and Amazon Devices COVID‑19 resources

How to use Alexa and Amazon Devices to stay informed, connected, and entertained.

Stay up-to-date on the 2020 elections with Alexa

Get updates on candidates, debates, polls, and more by asking Alexa.

Real stories of how Alexa helps make life better

We often receive stories from customers about how they interact with Alexa. Now that we've entered the new decade, we're looking back on some of our favorites from the last year.

Mary Francis dances with Alexa

She loves to dance, so Mary Francis asks Alexa to play songs she likes, and she dances to the tunes.

Amazon makes it, he breaks it

Inside Amazon’s reliability lab, which ensures Echo, Kindle, and other devices are built to last.
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