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Photo by JORDAN STEAD / Amazon

Introducing new Alexa features

New Alexa features make day-to-day life more convenient, help you stay connected, and give you peace of mind.

Alexa makes privacy even easier

At Amazon, privacy is foundational, and core to how we design our devices and services.

AI advances make Alexa more natural, conversational, and useful

Learn about the latest inventions that make interacting with Alexa as simple as speaking to another person.

Introducing our most sustainable devices ever

Today Amazon announced new ways for customers to reduce the energy consumption of their devices, as well as devices with more recycled materials and more sustainable packaging.

Amazon Devices & Services news—September 2020

See all the latest news from Amazon Devices & Services.

Amazon drives new programs to improve tech startup diversity, inclusion, and equity

Amazon Alexa Fund is collaborating with Blavity, to host Start-up Showcase and fundraising programming at the annual AfroTech World; and Women Founders Represent, a pitch event with All Raise offering up to $1 million investment for women entrepreneurs.

Amazon Sidewalk: a new way to stay connected

A shared network that helps your neighbors' and your devices work better

Share and discover new Alexa Routines

Customers in the U.S. can now turn their Alexa Routines in shareable URL links.

“Hey Samuel, tell me a joke”

With the launch of a new wake word for the Samuel L. Jackson celebrity voice, learn more about the tech bringing the experience to life.

Introducing Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+

The kid-friendly experience families love, now with more content and features designed just for kids.
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