We are closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and working to get groceries to customers quickly and safely through Whole Foods Market, Amazon Go stores, and Amazon Go Grocery, as well as grocery delivery through Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market. Throughout the pandemic, our top priority has been the health and safety of customers and employees, while also working around the clock to expand services, launch new features, and open pickup locations in order to serve the dramatic increase in customer demand for groceries. Our Amazon associates, Whole Foods Market Team Members, and delivery partners are among the many retail heroes of this COVID-19 crisis.

Here are updates on how we are supporting our grocery customers and employees during this time:

Health and safety in our stores and communities

  • We have distributed masks and gloves for employees across all Amazon and Whole Foods Market stores
  • We are performing daily employee temperature checks
  • We have provided plexiglass barriers between employees and customers at various locations inside all stores
  • We have enforced social distancing guidelines
  • We have restricted the number of customers and employees allowed in the store at one time based on the size of the store
  • We have introduced enhanced cleanliness and sanitation protocols across all stores and facilities, on top of our standard, stringent protocols
  • We have increased the number of hand sanitizer stations available in our stores
  • All Whole Foods Market stores have dedicated shopping hours to service customers who are 60+ (70+ years old U.K.), those with disabilities and those who the CDC defines as high risk.
  • All Whole Foods Market, Amazon Go stores, and Amazon Go Grocery are closing early to give employees more time to restock shelves, complete sanitization procedures, and rest in preparation for the next day
  • We have applied temporary prepared foods changes in stores:
    • We are no longer allowing personal, reusable containers
    • We have suspended all food and product sampling and demos
    • Self-serve offerings are closed
    • Indoor and outdoor seating is temporarily unavailable

Health and safety with pickup and delivery

  • In the last several weeks, we’ve increased the capacity of our grocery delivery services by more than 160 percent.
  • Select Whole Foods Market locations in the U.S. have dedicated hours for grocery pickup reserved for Prime members 60 years and older, those with disabilities and those who the CDC defines as high risk.
  • We added additional grocery delivery windows in the morning and evening across Amazon Fresh and select Whole Foods Market locations
  • We expanded Whole Foods Market grocery pickup from roughly 80 stores to more than 150, and we will continue to quickly expand grocery pickup in the coming weeks
  • Since March 16, we’ve increased hiring to help meet increased delivery demand
  • We adjusted store hours for select Whole Foods Market locations so Team Members can focus exclusively on fulfilling online grocery orders
  • We have opened our Woodland Hills, California grocery store as a temporary online-only store, focused exclusively on fulfilling grocery delivery orders. We have also opened our Irvine, California grocery store as a temporary online-only store dedicated to fulfilling grocery delivery orders. With the Woodland Hills and Irvine stores now open to focus exclusively on grocery delivery, we have increased delivery capacity and are able to serve tens of thousands more customers in these communities.
  • We are releasing delivery windows throughout the day and have made it easier for customers to see when the next delivery window is available by including it on the homepages of Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market
  • In partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, we have expanded online access to SNAP (food assistance benefits) in multiple states
  • Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market delivery customers have the option to select "unattended delivery" during checkout. Orders not containing alcohol are eligible for unattended delivery

Health and safety for our employees
Amazon has invested heavily in safety since this crisis began, and our top concern remains focused on ensuring the health and safety of our employees, who are among the many heroes of the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to the new measures we’ve instituted in our stores, we will continue to provide all employees across Amazon and Whole Foods Market stores diagnosed with COVID-19 or placed into quarantine up to two weeks of pay.

For a list of our stores and current status and hours of operations, please visit www.wholefoodsmarket.com, www.amazon.com/gostore and www.amazon.com/stores.

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