I’m constantly amazed by the missionaries I work with on the Kindle team – they have the singular goal of making it easier for people around the world to discover and enjoy great books. This team wakes up every day motivated to invent on behalf of readers in large part because of the stories we hear from our customers – everything from getting kids excited about reading, to helping make reading comfortable at any age, and even providing access to books in rural communities.

Our vision has always been to make every book in the world available to our customers in less than 60 seconds but with this vision, we recognize that not everyone has access to the books they want or need. That’s why today we are excited to announce the Kindle Reading Fund, a program that seeks to make books more easily available to communities around the world through digital reading. The Fund will donate Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Kindle eBooks to further reading around the world. Initial programs in the Fund include:

  • Worldreader – Through a new collaboration with Worldreader, Amazon is donating thousands of Kindle e-readers to support reading programs in the developing world. One recent program that we are proud to support is Worldreader’s LEAP 2.0 library partnership in Kenya, which reaches approximately 500,000 people by bringing digital reading to all 61 Kenyan public libraries. Worldreader’s mission is to create a planet where everyone is a reader—and after just six years, they have helped more than 4 million readers around the world access a library of both global and local books. For more information about Worldreader and their programs, visit www.worldreader.org.
  • Local Schools and Libraries – As part of our contribution to the communities where our customers and employees live and work, Amazon has donated thousands of Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets to schools and libraries throughout the world. Amazon is committed to improving children’s literacy. Kindle e-readers are an exceptional tool for teachers and students to ignite excitement for reading and create more advanced learning opportunities by bringing technology into the classroom.
  • Hospitals and Nonprofit Organizations – We’re dedicated to helping local hospitals and nonprofit organizations. In the last year, we have provided devices to Seattle Children’s Hospital, Mary’s Place, Rainier Scholars, Well Spring Family Services and more in the Seattle area alone.
  • The National PTA – As the official e-reader of the PTA, Kindle and the National PTA are working together to help families get more involved in their children’s reading through the Family Reading Experience program. To learn more about this program, visit here.

We see these amazing programs as just the beginning – there’s still so much room to grow. To learn more about The Kindle Reading Fund, visit our new Kindle Reading Fund page.