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Helping people affected by Hurricane Florence

Amazon is providing disaster relief support in response to Hurricane Florence. Here's how you can help.
on September 14, 2018 (Updated: September 20, 2018)
We're committed to supporting those in immediate need by using Amazon's teams, infrastructure, and technology when natural disasters strike.

Customers who would like to help those affected by Hurricane Florence have several options:
  1. The American Red Cross and Feeding America need your help

    Donate cash to the American Red Cross and Feeding America using Amazon Pay.
  2. Ask Alexa

    Customers can say “Alexa, donate to Hurricane Florence disaster relief” and make a donation directly to the American Red Cross.
  3. Donate items to Feeding America

    Donate essentials from Feeding America’s Wish List.
  4. Donate items to the American Red Cross

    Donate essentials from the American Red Cross Wish List

    [Update: This link has been disabled due to the success of the Wish List campaign and the generosity of our customers. Thank you!]
Here’s how we’re helping out. Amazon has deployed more than 20 trucks with more than 400,000 Amazon-donated disaster relief items, including bottles of water, food, supplies for children in shelters, and other essential items for those affected by Hurricane Florence. Additionally, thousands of Amazon customers have donated items to the American Red Cross and Feeding America through their Wish Lists. Our teams across nearly 50 Fulfillment Centers remain on standby and more Amazon inventory is ready to be deployed if needed.

Since the hurricane made landfill, more than 100 employees have volunteered to support the American Red Cross’ virtual emergency call centers.

Keep visiting this page and follow Amazon News on Twitter for the latest updates on our efforts.

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