Books and authors

Many hardbound books stacked tightly together at various angles, seen edge on.

A writer's emergence

A dream to become a published author is realized.

A bestselling book is born

Decades of rejection led to fans who just want more.

A hidden talent: uncovering talents in others

This author's books are changing young lives.

Fans raved for On Little Wings

Smart teen novel launches author's career

Bringing her books back into print

Veteran author can reach kids again.

Twenty years later, an overnight success

As a mom who worked full-time while raising four kids, romance author Theresa Ragan knows about struggle. But when it came time to publish her first novel, Theresa didn't expect a battle that would threaten her commitment to writing.

Documenting the future of snow

This author and skier was shocked to learn how much snow has already disappeared in the mountains. Now he's getting the word out.

Fiction with a new kind of hero

This daughter of Indian immigrants writes young adult fiction with a new kind of hero. She publishes independently to get her message to teen readers.
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