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Self-published memoir picked for U.S.M.C. Commandant's Professional Reading List

Dan Sheehan wrote his book to help fellow combat veterans heal. He used Kindle Direct Publishing because he didn't want his message diluted for the sake of appealing to a mass-market audience.

Top cities and states in the U.S. for self-publishing authors

Hear from some best-selling authors on how they're growing successful careers with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Amazon Literary Partnership announces 2020 grant recipients

66 grants are awarded to organizations across the country that support writers.

The Year in Books 2019

A look at the most sold, most read, and most loved books of the year.

Helping teachers buy and sell digital educational resources

How Amazon is delivering digital educational resources to educators and parents across the U.S.

“Just write a bad book and learn from it”

How 50 pages written in downtime from military service led to a series of popular books.

Amazon Literary Partnership accepting grant applications for 2020

Until January 15, we’re seeking requests from nonprofit literary organizations for grants that will be awarded in 2020.

Our response to the New York Times’ story on book counterfeiting

Amazon strictly prohibits the sale of counterfeit products. We invest heavily in prevention and take proactive steps to drive counterfeits in our stores to zero.

Best books of 2019, so far

Amazon Books editors share their picks for best books of 2019. Which will you read first?

"I was a writer struggling to be known"

The inside story of one of Amazon Publishing's most successful authors.
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