Amazon offices

What it's like to come to work at Amazon every day.
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Images of Amazon's Seattle, Washington, campus, in both the downtown and South Lake Union neighborhoods. (JORDAN STEAD / Amazon)
Photo by JORDAN STEAD / Amazon

Garden in the sky

Amazon uses rooftop space to grow over a thousand pounds of organic produce this year—which is donated after harvest.

Stop and smell the corpse flower

This rare plant usually takes about seven years to produce its first bloom, and is about to bloom in the Seattle Spheres.

Grown in 60 seconds

Three years ago, the team officially broke ground on The Spheres. Watch how the building came together, all in this one-minute timelapse.

The Spheres - grown in 60 seconds

Watch The Spheres as they're being built, from ground breaking to completion.

The Spheres' plants, up close and personal

With more than 40,000 plants from around the world, The Spheres showcase biodiversity in the heart of Seattle.

The stories behind the peculiar building names at Amazon's headquarters

Bigfoot, Houdini, and Nessie have all taken up residence on Amazon’s Seattle urban campus, but how did they end up there?

The Spheres blossom in Seattle

It’s official, the Spheres are open. See inside via 360 photo.

Inspiring innovation with Biophilia

Our horticulturist talks about the philosophy that inspired The Spheres.

Inspiring Innovation with Biophilia

Amazon horticulturist talks about the philosophy that inspired The Spheres

Why Amazon is building The Spheres

Amazon's VP of Corporate Real Estate and Facilities John Schoettler explains why a link between work space and nature is so important.
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