How Amazon engineers keep inventing from home

Ziplines, parrots, and more—see just a few of the ways Amazon engineers keep inventing, even from home.

Amazon underscores commitment to employees, supply chain partners, and communities

New section in our Sustainability report outlines our commitment to supporting our employees, partners in our supply chain, as well as work in communities around the world.
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Amazon delivers relief after West Coast wildfires and other disasters

Disaster Relief by Amazon partners with community organizations to deliver donations including water, generators, food, KN95 masks, and more.

Explore Amazon's Career Day—happening now

Attendees can learn about the 100,000+ jobs available across Amazon’s operations network plus the 33,000 open corporate and tech roles in the company’s headquarters and Tech Hubs.

“Hey Samuel, tell me a joke”

With the launch of a new wake word for the Samuel L. Jackson celebrity voice, learn more about the tech bringing the experience to life.

Share and discover new Alexa Routines

Customers in the U.S. can now turn their Alexa Routines in shareable URL links.

Amazon Future Engineer is more than doubling its reach

Amazon Future Engineer is adding more than 3,000 new schools to support over 5,000 total schools, and more than 550,000 students across the U.S. each year, in addition to launching a new coding competition for all students.

How Amazon automated work for employees’ benefit

The author of 'Always Day One' describes Amazon's philosophy behind automation in an article for HBR

Introducing Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+

The kid-friendly experience families love, now with more content and features designed just for kids.

Fact check: sizing up Amazon

While Amazon is a large company, we operate in big, competitive, and highly fragmented global markets—and have bigger retail competitors in every country we serve.

Accelerating our support for small businesses selling in our store

At our Amazon Accelerate seller conference, we announced that we'll invest a record $18 billion in 2020 to help independent sellers succeed in our store. It's a win-win partnership—Amazon's success is the success of American small businesses.

Bringing additional jobs to Bellevue

Amazon announces plans to add 10,000 more jobs and donates $1 million to help Eastside families in need.

Hanging up the flannel

Earlier today, Jeff Wilke announced his retirement from Amazon after over two decades with the company. Below are the messages Jeff Wilke and Jeff Bezos sent to Amazon teams around the world.

Navigating the world safely amid COVID-19

How AWS customers and partners are adapting technologies to help keep people safe as they contemplate returning to schools and offices and resuming regular activities.