Obsessed with independence

Peter Korn and Amazon’s accessibility teams work to level the playing field, and make friction-free shopping available to everyone.

Blind since birth, writing code at Amazon since 2013

Michael Forzano said he has a good “mental map of the structure of the code,” which allows him to help colleagues and provide unique feedback to his team.
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Behind the scenes at IMDb

How a film lover's passion project turned into the world's #1 movie website.

What's your pet doing all day?

This product allows pet parents to keep an eye on their furry friends.

A $2 million running start to stop homelessness

Thanks to generous donors and supporters, Washington, D.C.-based Friendship Place met their $1 million match offer from Amazon.

Teaching Alexa when not to respond

Real-time acoustic fingerprinting will prevent Alexa devices from waking when her name is called during a commercial.

Moments of joy

See what happens when a retirement community adopts Alexa.

Lighting a path to success

How a small business owner is empowering girls to become leaders.

The rise and shine of Bling Jewelry

How one woman's passion for affordable jewelry grew into a multi-million dollar business on Amazon.

45,000… and counting

Amazon employs 45,000 jobs in its hometown. Discover why employees joined the company, why they stay, and why their ID badges aren't all the same color.

Barbara Freethy is rewriting the rules of fiction

When it comes to writing and selling love stories, she's an entrepreneurial force.

Walk your own runway

Behind the scenes with Amazon Fashion’s ultimate insider.

Steel to silicon: Pittsburgh's technology renaissance continues

How Pittsburgh learned to speak another language, and provided Amazon a gateway to the world.
Out for Delivery
Get the latest news and stories from Amazon, delivered right to your inbox.