Preserving a ranch’s scarcest resource

By saving precious time, Amazon frees up this Wyoming rancher to focus on the work he loves.

Grown in 60 seconds

Three years ago, the team officially broke ground on The Spheres. Watch how the building came together, all in this one-minute timelapse.
Up Close and Personal
The Spheres' plants
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How to pack a Prime plane

Amazon’s Prime Air planes work on customers’ behalf to fulfill our two-day delivery promise to Prime members.

Walk your own runway

Behind the scenes with Amazon Fashion’s ultimate insider

Behind the scenes at IMDb

How a film lover's passion project turned into the world's #1 movie website.

How our scientists are making Alexa smarter

Amazon Alexa head scientist shares how his teams are working to improve customers' experiences with Echo devices.

Blind since birth, writing code at Amazon since 2013

Michael Forzano said he has a good “mental map of the structure of the code,” which allows him to help colleagues and provide unique feedback to his team.

How a door became a desk, and a symbol of Amazon

Today, Amazon offices around the world are filled with door desks, based on Bezos’ early design.

The stories behind the peculiar building names at Amazon's headquarters

Bigfoot, Houdini, and Nessie have all taken up residence on Amazon’s Seattle urban campus, but how did they end up there?

Teaching Alexa when not to respond

Real-time acoustic fingerprinting will prevent Alexa devices from waking when her name is called during our commercial in the big game.

In photos: Giving people a FareStart at building better lives through food

The challenges of homelessness, poverty, and joblessness often seem overwhelmingly difficult to overcome. But FareStart, an organization that launched 25 years ago, works to break the cycle in a very practical way, by offering job training and work experience through its restaurants, cafés, and catering.

Signing in

Introducing Amazon’s American Sign Language logo.

Planting ideas

This Amazon horticulturist teaches people about plants like the future depends on it.

Alexa, let's chat

University students’ 2018 Alexa Prize bots are now available for a chat.
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