Amazon’s most extreme delivery

In “the land of high passes,” the challenges are as vast as the landscape.

Gorgeous and grueling

(Extremely) behind the scenes with Amazon Stories in Leh, India.
How we pack a Prime plane
Each plane can hold the equivalent of over one million Echo Dots,
10,000 Instant Pots, or 5,000 teddy bears
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Prime Day 2018: by the numbers

Customers around the world shopped Prime Day, making it the biggest global shopping event in Amazon history.

5 things you don’t know about Amazon packaging

Learn how we invent and test new packaging to eliminate waste, ensure products arrive safely, and end “wrap rage” for our customers.

8 Amazon facts you didn’t know

You probably already know that we have super-fast shipping and that Jeff Bezos launched our company from his garage. But did you realize that we hand out as many as 5,000 free bananas a day to Seattleites passing by our offices?

A writer's writer

The director of the Amazon Literary Partnership never stops walking in the shoes of the community he supports.

This year's top summer reads

Whether you're hitting the road or the beach, Amazon's editors want to make sure you have the perfect book.

In pursuit of a better planet, and better skin

This small business owner hitched his future to two soil-strengthening plants from Costa Rica.

Reinventing how we hit the road

This Amazonian travels the world to meet with innovators and startups in unexpected places.

The Spheres' plants, up close and personal

With more than 40,000 plants from around the world, The Spheres showcase biodiversity in the heart of Seattle.

10 book picks to get the most out of summer

Our favorite guides for National Parks, trails, lakes, beaches, and other outdoor destinations.

The stories behind the peculiar building names at Amazon's headquarters

Bigfoot, Houdini, and Nessie have all taken up residence on Amazon’s Seattle urban campus, but how did they end up there?

How a door became a desk, and a symbol of Amazon

Today, Amazon offices around the world are filled with door desks, based on Bezos’ early design.
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