Making the smart home even smarter

Find out why you'll want frustration-free smart home setup in your home.

Where a holiday job can lead

Amazon will hire more than 100,000 seasonal employees this year. Fourteen years ago, Josh Teeter was one of them.
Fall River's second chance
How Amazon’s warehouse is strengthening
this historic Massachusetts community.
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"These people are my family"

More than a job, a manager finds an extended family through her Amazon co-workers after her daughter’s cancer diagnosis.

The real Amazon effect

How a California community is flourishing since Amazon came to town.

Alexa, launch Fortnite

Echo devices support a new skill, controlling your Xbox One using just your voice.

2018 top 100 toys revealed

Explore Amazon's top picks for toys and games that will be on every child’s list this holiday season.

A peek inside workspaces at Amazon's headquarters

Nine places where Amazonians can go for a change of pace, at Amazon's Seattle headquarters.

Taking flight

Two new Amazon Air planes earned new names, inspired by our Amazonian culture.

Powering a clean future

Amazon's largest wind farm to date is adding more than 1 million megawatt hours of clean energy to the grid each year.

A four-pawed step for a corgi, one giant leap for workplace culture

Rufus' human parents remember life with Amazon's first canine staffer.

Experience to build on

Former Amazonians create hundreds of Seattle-area jobs by starting new companies.

Come to your job interview speaking fluent Amazonian

A roundup of illuminating @amazonnews tweets for job-seekers.

How a door became a desk, and a symbol of Amazon

Today, Amazon offices around the world are filled with door desks, based on Bezos’ early design.

Coloring outside the lines

Meet the artist who transformed a fleet of Amazon trucks into delightful icons across the U.S. and U.K.
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