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Amazon's COVID-19 blog: updates on how we're responding to the crisis

How we're supporting our employees, customers, and communities

Amazon delivers relief after West Coast wildfires and other disasters

Disaster Relief by Amazon partners with community organizations to deliver donations including water, generators, food, KN95 masks, and more.

Amazon Sidewalk: a new way to stay connected

A shared network that helps your neighbors' and your devices work better

The history and significance of Hispanic Heritage Month

Even during the pandemic, Latinx Amazon employees find ways to celebrate and honor their culture.

Explore Amazon's Career Day—happening now

Attendees can learn about the 100,000+ jobs available across Amazon’s operations network plus the 33,000 open corporate and tech roles in the company’s headquarters and Tech Hubs.

How Amazon engineers keep inventing from home

Ziplines, parrots, and more—see just a few of the ways Amazon engineers keep inventing, even from home.

Amazon hosts more than 1,500 entrepreneurs at the Ignite Digital Festival

Virtual event brings the Delivery Service Partner community together—DSPs have created over 100,000 jobs and delivered more than 2.2 billion packages worldwide.

Introducing Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+

The kid-friendly experience families love, now with more content and features designed just for kids.

Everything you need to know to vote

Need to register? Vote by mail? Learn about where to vote? Let us help.

Amazon HR leader gives a look inside a Detroit-area fulfillment center

Native Michigander highlights measures we're taking to keep people safe and healthy during the pandemic.

“Hey Samuel, tell me a joke”

With the launch of a new wake word for the Samuel L. Jackson celebrity voice, learn more about the tech bringing the experience to life.

Amazon drives new programs to improve tech startup diversity, inclusion, and equity

Amazon Alexa Fund is collaborating with Blavity, to host Start-up Showcase and fundraising programming at the annual AfroTech World; and Women Founders Represent, a pitch event with All Raise offering up to $1 million investment for women entrepreneurs.